Jane Dysert

Jane Dysert Portrait

Contact Jane Dsyert:       Email: jawork@charter.net


Jane has over 20 years experience in nature and wildlife photography. Capturing pictures of anything Mother Nature has to offer is her passion. 

Jane’s specialty is waterfowl, but she also loves to capture photos of birds of prey, wild birds and just about any other creatures she can find while out walking the many beautiful trails in our community.

She also has 30 years experience in sports photography. Having played and coached numerous sports her entire life has given Jane an in depth understanding of how each game is played. She enjoys watching and photographing baseball, softball, soccer and basketball.

Jane had photos featured in a Ducks Unlimited calendar, presented programs on waterfowl in our area and has shared her knowledge about how understanding animal behavior can lead to taking better wildlife photos. Her photos are regularly shown on KIXE, and have been featured twice in Enjoy Magazine.  

Jane has donated canvas/prints to aid in fund raising efforts for numerous community organizations such as: Make-A-Wish Foundation, One Safe Place, Redding Rotary, Turtle Bay, Frontier Senior Center, Shasta Community Health and Mercy Hospital.

Jane’s classroom is the Great Outdoors and she leads Photo Walks and Photo Tours capturing its beauty and splendor. She also loves the action of tutoring sports photographers on the sidelines where the action is happening.

Jane's Gallery

Contact Jane Dsyert:       Email: jawork@charter.net

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