Connect with the right photography instructor/mentor to improve your photography talents. We offer many different forms of education like classes, workshops & one on one sessions and cover all levels of photography from beginning to advanced. Plus a wide range of photographic topics such as landscape, wildlife, portrait, photo editing, composition and much more.

Meet the Instructors/Mentors

It is important to have an instructor that not only specializes in the subject you wish to learn, but that you can make a strong long lasting connection. Click on the Instructor List button to preview the current available instructors. This list is constantly being updated and growing. So sign up for our newsletter and stayed inform when new tutors come available.  

Choose the Learning Method

Pick an instructor that uses a teaching method that you are most comfortable with (e.g., one on one instruction, workshop/class, video chat, webinar, etc). 

Types of Subjects

Find the instructor that specializes in the photo subjects that most interest you. 

Video Services

Virtual Video Advertisements

Let your personality show as you are promoting your business, product, service or event through a virtual video clip. These video clips can be used in social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) as well as on your web site.  

Included in Virtual Video Advertisement packages:


  • Up to 60 seconds of video.
  • Format: HD 1080p, Mpg4 (standard that works on most social media sites).
  • Assistance  in video contents, layout and message.
  • Filming needed footage with narrative (voice-over)
  • Video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro Software For

Call or Text for more information: (530) 355-0908

Video Creation

Turn your individual movie clips and digital images into your own movies (i.e. Family Legacy, Vacation, Marketing ads, Social Media, etc.)  

Adobe Premiere Pro

Video Editing

Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 to edit video footage, images, and audio helps us e create high quality videos.

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Great Perspective Photography
“Learning Connection”

Shasta Venture Hub
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Redding CA 96001
Phone/Text: (530) 355-0908