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About Us

Great Perspective Photography is your “Learning Connection” for Students looking to find the right tutor, workshop or class for their needs. We have Tutors teaching all levels and covering many subjects. Instructors holding classes and workshops on photo and video subjects from just learning how to use your camera to studio portraits. They also teach editing software like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, etc. 

We use many different methods to teach from in-person to virtual Zoom Meetings (individual and group). 

You get to pick the tutor/instructor, subject, time, day and method making it convenient and easy to learn.


Meet the Tutors

Duane Brovan

  • Camera Settings
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Sports
  • Portraits
  • Video Editing

Elijah Gildea

  • Hummingbirds
  • Wildlife
  • Portraits
  • Photo Tours

Andrea Penners

  • Travel 
  • Landscape 
  • Wildlife 
  • Product Shots

Ron Lute

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Portraits 
  • Architecture
  • Drones

Frank Tona

  • Night Sky 
  • Nikon Expert
  • Landscape
  • Windows 10

Jane Dysert

  • Birds (specialist)
  • Wildlife
  • Sports
  • Photo Walks

Sample of Subjects Covered

Camera Settings Aperture Shutter ISO WB

Camera Settings

Learn what the buttons, dials, knobs and menu do. Make sure your camera is setup for that you wish to shoot. Many of the tutors have over 15 years in assisting students with understanding their camera settings and features. 

Wood Duck by Jane Dysert


Learn how to take great wildlife images (Birds, Bears, Otters, Deer, Wolfs, etc.) from talented, seasoned wildlife photographers. Many methods of instruction from one on one outings to wildlife photo tours. 

Portrait Mother and Daughter

Portraits (Natural Light, Speedlight, Strobe, Studio)

Learn how to take all kinds of portraits in different settings from outside to studio. Get instructed on all types of light modifiers like reflectors, speedlights, strobes and a mixture of all by experienced and talented tutors/instructors.  


Learn how to get those action shots that you see on Sports Illustrated and the news from talented, sports photographers. Find out the right camera settings for the sports event you want to shoot and where to position yourself for the best action images. 

Adobe Photoshop

Learn all levels of Photoshop from beginning to advanced from experienced tutors. Choose what specific features you wish to learn from layers, color adjustments, composites, tools, shortcuts, etc.

Adobe Lightroom Education

Adobe Lightroom

Learn all levels of Lightroom from beginning to advanced. Get help on specific modules and setting up your presets. 

Adobe Elements 2020 education

Adobe Elements

Learn all levels of Elements  from beginning to advanced. 

Video Editing

Learn basic video editing using Adobe software (i.e. Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements) to edited footage, sound and transitions. 

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