B&H Outdoor, Photo/Video, Travel Imaging Conference 2021

B&H Photo and Video has some great free webinars by great photographers. Although the on-line Outdoor, Photo/Video, Travel Imaging conference is almost over you can check out their archives. 

If you are into travel and outdoor photography from around the world by talented photographer check it out.

I am an affiliate for B&H Video/Photo and might receive a small commission on anything you purchase while using this link. 

Dark Morph Ross Goose

Jane Dysert “Bird Whisperer” captured a rare Dark Morph Ross Goose at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in 2020

Blue Morph Snow Goose

Here is Jane’s story on capturing a rare photo of a Dark Morph Ross Goose:

Nikon D5600 200-500 mm with a 1.4 extender (image cropped)

I’ve got into the habit of always looking for Blue Morph geese when I visit the refuges.  They are unusual and its fun for me to try and find one.

This goose was quite a ways off and I didn’t realize it was a Ross Goose until I got home and was editing photos.  I was sorry that I only took one photo, but I thought it was just a Snow Goose.   I’ve only found this Blue Morph Snow Geese before so I wasn’t expecting this surprise.

Advice is to take numerous photos if you see something that looks different or unusual.   A couple of times I didn’t discover that I had a banded goose or banded swan until I started editing my photos.  

Blue morph or dark morph Ross Geese are exceedingly rare and are very seldom detected.  Not until the late 1970’s was it discovered that Ross’s, like Snow Geese can occur in a “blue” morph.

Jane Dysert Portrait

Jane Dysert is an avid bird photographer that seems to have a connection with the birds she captures, thus the nick name “Bird Whisperer”.

To see more of her great bird images check out her Facebook page.

For more about Jane visit her Bio page at Great Perspective Photography, or click button below

Nixplay 10.1 Smart Photo Frame Unwrapped

Watch Duane unwrap his new Nixplay 10.1 Smart Photo Frame. 

A digital photo frame is a monitor that plays photos and videos without a computer. It can play images as a slide show or a single image. Next I will be doing a review on my new digital frame.

Happy New Year 2021

Everyone at Great Perspective Photography wishes you a prosperous and successful New Year with plenty fantastic images and videos. 

Photos on the iPhone 12 Pro

I finally feel that the old adage the “best camera is the one you have” is really relevant these days. The camera in the latest iPhone is simply amazing in how well it works and what it can do. Unless I have a need for a certain lens or a few other situations I’ll be using the phone for more of my photography.

iOS have some great editing capabilities but my preferred method remains taking the photo on the iPhone and editing on my desktop with Lightroom since the photos are automatically synced.

This photo uses the Ultra Wide lens that I didn’t have on my last iPhone, the X. Having 3 lenses really opens some new photographic possibilities. 

Video Studio Sessions

Great Perspective Photography is proud to offer a Video Studio for rent.

Great Perspective Photography Video Studio

Ever wish to create a short info video about your company and what you have to offer your customers/clients? We can help you through the process from planning to implementation.

Our video studio is preset up for green screen background to allow you to choice your background, lighting and super fast internet.

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